Sunday, July 15, 2012

Twisted on Windows using ActiveState Python

We recently held a Learn Twisted event at the SF Twisted Meetup, and craig (one of the attendees) linked a fantastic writeup of how to set up Twisted on Windows using ActiveState Python. He kindly gave me permission to use it this blog post.

Installation Steps

  1. Install Windows 32-bit version of ActiveState Python from .
  2. Open a Windows Command Prompt, and run this command:
        pypm install twisted
  3. Verify that you have installed Twisted by running this command:
        pypm ls


  1. The Windows 32-bit ActiveState Python version must be installed, not the Windows 64-bit ActiveState Python version. If you install the Windows 64-bit version,otherwise you will need to purchase a Business Edition license from ActiveState, in order to install some Python modules which are "locked".
  2. Many other Python modules can be installed via pypm. See:
    More documentation about pypm can be obtained by typing:
       pypm help
  3. This step is completely optional, and not necessary for using Twisted for the class exercises.

    If you ever want to build Python modules which have native code in C, you will probably need to have the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler installed. It is best to get a license and install the full version of Visual C++.

    If you don't have the full version of Visual C++, you can try installing the free Visual C++ Express edition from Microsoft.